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Libyan Democratic Institute

Flag of Libya

The Libyan Democratic Institute (LDI) is a non-profit organisation that seeks to support a democratic pathway for Libya through public forum and policymaking. LDI hosts events and discussion to promote open dialogue between the conflicting parties in Libya, alongside producing guiding policy papers that examine how to achieve stable and thriving institutions.

A New Democratic Libya

The civil war and the continuing unrest and violence following the end of the Gaddafi regime have left a damaging and lasting impact on the stability and prosperity of the country. There is now a pressing need for a peaceful and democratic transition to a stable, internationally recognised government, truly representing the people of Libya. This will not be an easy process. The LDI will seek to bring together the best and sharpest minds in the nation, to debate, research and build a pathway to that democratic future.


The LDI membership consists of university professors, businesspeople, and civil society leaders from across the country, all seeking a democratic solution to the continued conflict, security challenges and democratic failure that that are undermining any true progress in Libya.

The Libyan desert with two men sitting and one standing in the centre on top of a sand dune.

A Message from the Chair

The past ten years has shown that no one side can impose their will on the Libyan people. It is time for Libya to negotiate the steps forward to achieving a respectful and inclusive democratic society. Only through the people deciding their future will Libya achieve stability and unity. With over three million Libyan’s registering to vote for the last scheduled election, there is a clear appetite for the people to decide on the path the nation should next take. It is time for the people to make this choice and LDI’s work will encourage a swift timeline to make sure that they receive this opportunity.

The lack of truly democratic institutions and governance in this country mean that the mechanisms are not in place for free, fair and inclusive elections.  There will need to be a two step process:  first, a non-partisan, non-political interim government administration whose task it is to prepare the country for those elections; second, a properly conducted election process, recognised , accepted and supported both by the international community and by the citizens of our country.

The LDI will seek to contribute to both crucial steps – helping to facilitate the processes leading to the introduction of an effective interim administration, and subsequently assisting with and supporting the procedural structures necessary for the election of nationally representative democratic government.

Moin Kikhia
Founder and Chairman
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