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A Tragic Combination

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

14th September 2023

Commenting on the massive damage and appalling loss of life in Cyrenaica over the past 24 hours, LDI Chairman Moin Kikhia said:

“This is the result of a tragic combination of causes. Climate change, of course. But it is also directly due to human failure. That is, the failure of failed states, the cynical rejection of democracy, gross, endemic corruption – both political and personal – and utter administrative incompetence. But we still are ruled by governments that are not accountable to their people, in a country divided by ambition and the hunger for power. We must pray that from this nightmare disaster of historic proportions there may at least come a new and better direction for our country. Our people deserve a single, democratic, accountable government that truly serves its people. We must now have the new, interim government that our politicians have been promising, and that government must deliver national , democratic elections within an agreed timeframe that cannot, under any circumstances, be altered by any of the parties involved."


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