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Statement on UN-sponsored Conference for a Political Solution in Libya

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

18th December 2023

Once again there are encouraging calls for national unity and progress towards democratic elections. This time following a meeting in Cairo, House of Representatives Speaker, Aqilah Saleh, Presidential Council President Mohammed Menfi and General Khalifa Haftar have all voiced their support for UN Envoy Abdoulaye Bathily’s attempts to create a common dialogue leading to democratic national elections.  And just a few days earlier, the US Embassy urged Libya’s stakeholders to name representatives to participate in the upcoming UN-sponsored conference intended to clear the way to those elections.

So the “mood music” is good.  But we have heard this before. The difficulty is that, if true democracy is to come about, those in power must be ready to surrender that power, and in Libya that is a rare circumstance. But now these leaders have the opportunity to show true leadership, and embrace the democratic process. They have made their statements. They will be judged by their actions.


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